About Us

Hi "Sweet Tooth's" out there!

I'm Goldy! The owner and creator behind ZGoldenSweets.

My goal is to make tasty one of a kind cookies for your event, brighten your day and bring a colorful fun experience with my baked creations.

From an early age one of my favorite past time was drawing and in my teens baking and later decorating. "I see the world as a huge resource of ideas, constantly learning and searching for something new and unique".

The creative side of baking and decorating has been a big part of my life, working for many years in the professional pastry field after getting my culinary diploma. My sweet journey started working in restaurants, bakery, catering companies and even cruise line galley kitchen and gave me the experience and the knowledge about creating flavorful and tasty desserts. But my love for decorating prevail and that is the reason why I spend hours creating my cookies.

With my sugar inventions and my motto in hand *Happy cookies Happy people* I want to bring joy, excitement and more reasons for Celebration. So let's enjoy it together and Thank you All! "

Goldy  owner/decorator